Inflammasomes and Cancer

Rajendra Karki, Si Ming Man, and Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti



Complementary Therapeutic Modalities:
Old-School Chemotherapy in Immunotherapeutic Combination in Cancer, A Low-cost Drug Repurposed

Rasha Abu Eid, Ghazaleh Shoja E. Razavi, Mikayel Mkrtichyan, John Janik, and Samir N. Khleif

Experimental Immunotherapies:
De-Risking Immunotherapy: Report of a Consensus Workshop of the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium of the Cancer Research Institute

Ira Mellman, Vanessa M. Hubbard-Lucey, Matthew J. Tontonoz, Michael D. Kalos, Daniel S. Chen, James P. Allison, Charles G. Drake, Hy Levitsky, Nils Lonberg, Sjoerd H. van der Burg, Douglas T. Fearon, E. John Wherry, Israel Lowy, Robert H. Vonderheide, and Patrick Hwu





HPV Infection–Associated Cancers: Next-Generation Technology for Diagnosis and Treatment

Cornelia L. Trimble

Complementary Therapeutic Modalites:
Combining Radiation and Immunotherapy: A New Systemic Therapy for Solid Tumors?
James Welsh

Experimental Immunotherapies:
Vaccines For Cancer Prevention: A Practical And Feasible Approach To The Cancer Epidemic

Olivera Finn

Experimental Immunotherapies:
Hostile, Hypoxia–A2-Adenosinergic Tumor Biology as the Next Barrier to Overcome for Tumor Immunologists

Michail V. Sitkovsky

Experimental Immunotherapies:
VISTA is a novel broad-spectrum negative checkpoint regulator for cancer immunotherapy
Randolph Noelle

Experimental Immunotherapies:
Tim-3: An Emerging Target in the Cancer Immunotherapy Landscape

Ana C. Anderson

Experimental Immunotherapies:
Oncolytic Viruses and Their Application to Cancer Immunotherapy

E. Antonio Chiocca and Samuel D. Rabkin

Experimental Immunotherapies:
IL-10: Master Switch from Tumor-Promoting Inflammation to Antitumor Immunity

Martin Oft

Experimental Immunotherapies:
Killer Immunoglobulin-like Receptors and Tumor Immunity

Don M. Benson Jr. and Michael A. Caligiuri

Pathogen-Driven Cancers and Emerging Immune Therapeutic Strategies

Paul Nghiem



Public/Private Partnership:
The Melanoma Research Alliance: The Power of Patient Advocacy to Accelerate Research and Novel Therapies

Laura Brockway-Lunardi

Complementary Therapeutic Modalities:
Harnessing the Potential of Radiation-Induced Immune Modulation for Cancer Therapy

Mansoor M. Ahmed

Complementary Therapeutic Modalities:
Temperature Matters! And Why It Should Matter to Tumor Immunologists

Elizabeth A. Repasky

Microbes and Inflammation in Colorectal Cancer

Wendy S. Garrett

Thoracic Oncology:
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Making Immunotherapy a Reality for the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Drew M. Pardoll

Functional Genomics:
Getting Personal with Neoantigen-Based Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

Catherine J. Wu