Cancer Immunology Essentials is a valuable online educational resource for students, researchers, physicians, and clinicians working in the field of cancer research who wish to learn more about the rapidly-evolving fields of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Drawing upon didactic content from the AACR Journal Cancer Immunology Research, this important learning tool includes the following features:

Masters of Immunology:  Primers on specific aspects of basic immunology that are of great relevance to cancer immunology. These short pieces by leading immunologists are targeted to cancer researchers and clinicians whose primary activities have not focused on immunology. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are available for studying the Masters primers.

Cancer Immunology at the Crossroads:  Perspectives that highlight the intersection of cancer immunology with other areas of cancer research and allied disciplines. These scholarly pieces are overviews by leading scientists in their respective areas with aims to help identify outstanding opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and provide a framework for investigation that accelerates progress towards improved clinical outcomes.

Meeting Reports:  Brief reports of symposia and conferences in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. These reports offer thoughtful, critical commentaries that show an appreciation of the connections among various presentations and reveal the consensus, if any, that emerged on matters of importance at the meeting.

Milestones in Cancer Immunology:  Brief reports on milestone achievement awards in basic and clinical cancer immunology with an introduction to each recipient and a chronicle of the work leading to the awards.

Glossary:  Relevant terms from the Masters of Immunology and Cancer Immunology at the Crossroads features with definitions provided by the authors for easy reference.




The content is organized along mechanistic and thematic elements, which highlight the inter-relationships among immunologic concepts. Each contribution reflects the thinking of leading scholars in the field and is crafted at a level appropriate to a scientifically sophisticated reader with limited background in immunology. An understanding of the logic of the immune response, which derives in part from familiarity with the whole system, is an important first step for innovative and effective cross-disciplinary work, particularly in cancer research. The acquisition of this broad knowledge requires some fluency with the language of immunology, comfort with immunologic techniques and models, and an appreciation for the intricacies of the molecular and cellular components of immunity.

In the fullness of time, the wide spectrum of topics relevant to cancer immunology will be explored, whereas particular subjects will be revisited periodically in the light of substantive progress, assuring that CIE evolves in accordance with new ideas and discoveries. CIE will also highlight cancer immunology achievements in "Milestones in Cancer Immunology," and summarize research advances presented at tumor immunology conferences in "Meeting Reports."

I encourage you to visit this important online resource often as additional content will be added on an ongoing basis.


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